DHTR Acceptance Application
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Your State: If Mixed, all known:
Your Zip Code: Percentage Decker Blood if any:
Your Phone Number: Weight:
Name of Breeder if known: Height at Shoulder:
Dams Name: Coat Color:
Sires Name
Type in Ear Carriage:
Examples Erect,Tipped,
Type of Tail:
Docked Tail
Long Tail
Bob Tail
Type your answers in the box below each question.
Patterns and Markings, please describe

Where was the dog obtained?

Any known health issues?

Explain the dog's Temperament the best you can.

Explain how the dog hunts and what you hunt with your dog (ie is it a mouser, ratter, do you hunt birds, squirrel, hogs, deer etc)

A picture is required along with as much pedigree information as is available. Please email this information separately to edeck63@yahoo.com  A short video is very helpful that shows the dog hunting or how the dog is around other dogs.

If you have finished filling out the form above, Hit Submit. You will be notified by email of your acceptance. Once accepted you will print out the form to recieve registration HERE
For Questions E-Mail