Guidelines for the Decker Hunting Terrier

To be registered as a Decker Hunting Terrier, a dog must first contain at least 25% original Decker Blood
from verified pedigree. To be registered, a dog must be a good hunter with a good temperament and proper
conformation, should be within the size range of an original Decker in stature and weight, should be proven in 
the field, or come from verified hunting stock. Show dogs are not automatically disqualified, and can be accepted 
into the registry if they are proven hunters. A Decker Hunting Terrier should be free of any known genetic problems
such as severe demodex, inguinal hernia, overbite, under bite, or un-descended testicles.
All dogs will be assessed before accepted into the registry. Hunt, temperament, conformation, size and overall 
appearance will all be considered before a dog is accepted. Videos may be used to see the dog’s overall looks, 
hunt and temperament before accepting it as a Decker Hunting Terrier.

Guidelines for Decker Hunting Stock Program

Any dog less than 25% original Decker, still possessing Decker qualities can be considered for the Decker Hunting 
Stock Program, with the following exceptions; No scent hounds, and no bully breeds. Any dog that is not a 
Rat Terrier or Decker Rat Terrier must be a similar breed such as a Feist. A video will be required 
of any outside breed, or dog of unknown origin, before it will be accepted into the program.

How does Stock become a Registered Decker Hunting Terrier

Once a rat terrier registered as Decker Hunting Stock has been bred to a registered Decker Hunting Terrier, their
offspring is eligible to be registered as a Decker Hunting Terrier. If an outside breed, such as Feist is bred
to a Decker Hunting Terrier, their offspring will be registered as Decker Hunting Stock, and not eligible to be a Decker Hunting Terrier for two more generations.When two dogs registered as Decker Hunting Stock are bred, their offspring 
will be Decker Hunting Stock. When Two Decker Hunting Terriers are bred, their offspring will be Decker Hunting 

As the founders of the Decker Hunting Terrier Registry, we recognize the importance of outcrossing to good hunting
stock, which is why we are working to continue to develop the Decker Hunting Terrier as a serious hunting dog 
through the Decker Hunting Stock program. We set loose guidelines for this program to allow dogs to be brought 
into this program to keep genetic diversity in the Decker Hunting Terrier, so it will continue to be an outstanding 
hunting dog in the future. If you would like to register your dog with us as either a Decker Hunting Terrier, or as
Decker Hunting Stock and help advance the Decker Hunting Terrier for future generations as an outstanding 
hunting dog and companion, please contact us to get the application process started. 

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