Mission Statement

In 1975, Milton Decker of Alvadore, Oregon found the perfect hunting Terrier named Henry. Having 
hunted with Terriers throughout his entire life, Milton was quite taken back by Henry. He was, a 32 pound 
Terrier, a wonderful family dog and the best hunting dog Milton had ever been around. So inspired by Henry, 
Milton began to search for suitable mates for Henry. Trips to Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Washington, and 
Mississippi were made to secure  females.  A clear vision of a Terrier that retained the size and working qualities 
of Henry, yet refining his looks was Milton’s objective.

Over the next few years this vision became reality and the Decker Rat Terrier was developed. The line of Terrier
was an impressive dog that possessed all the attributes that Milton Decker hoped for. The breed became known 
as a superior hunting dog   that was sought after throughout the United States by hunters and enthusiasts alike. 
In 1993, Milton retired from breeding but the Decker line of Terrier still has a profound influence and legacy 
throughout the United States today.  Several breeders continued breeding these dogs.  Tim Brown of Pennsylvania 
continued a pure line of some of the best.  The nickname of “Decker Giants”, was added by some people during 
these years.

The versatility of this breed has allowed breeders to concentrate on different aspects of focus.  With increased 
popularity,  the Decker Rat Terrier line has begun to transform from a strictly hunting breed and working dog to
a Terrier that is being bred by some for show qualities and companionship.  Today, there are currently only a
handful of kennels throughout the United States that specialize in breeding and training their Decker Rat Terriers
for its original purpose; a hunting Terrier.

To assure that all the original attributes continue into the future, a new line of Decker Terrier is being formed. 
With the guidance of Milton Decker, his son Ellis Decker, and George Palmer of Buckhorn Hunting Terriers, 
a new era of Decker Terrier is evolving.  This will provide a strong  basis to preserve the original traits of the 
Decker Terrier. It is called The DECKER HUNTING TERRIER, and it now has its own registry called the 
DECKER HUNTING TERRIER REGISTRY, or DHTR. The goal is to continue the development of the breed 
through careful selection from the best hunting Decker Terriers alive today and outcrossing, by bringing in new 
blood while retaining the desirable hunting traits of the original Decker line.

In order for a dog to be registered into the Decker Hunting Terrier Registry, it must first carry no less than 25% 
original Decker blood. Dogs that have less than 25% Decker blood will be considered Decker Hunting Stock 
and will be registered into the Decker Hunting Stock Registry program. In addition, any dog that meets the above
requirements must be approved by three appointees,  with a majority vote to qualify for entry of either the 
Decker Hunting Terrier or Decker Hunting Stock registry.

The Decker Hunting Terrier Registry will attain its main objective of continuing the legacy of Deckers Henry by only
registering dogs that have the hunt, temperament, conformation, size, and looks that make the Decker Hunting Terrier 
stand out!  This registry of hand selected and approved Terriers will advance the Decker Hunting Terrier into the future 
as one of the most versatile hunting breeds in existence!

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